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Spring accessories are more fun than their winter counterparts as they are mainly for style, not survival.

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Finding a great basic is actually a lot harder than it seems, and you will need the essential items you choose to be layerable and versatile enough to build lots of different outfits and try out new styles.

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If there are reasons you want to dress with less, write them down.

  • See my tips above for buying the perfect suit. Artists Best of luck, Tanya!
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My husband and I plan to get pregnant next year so our goal for this year is to minimalize!

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Or chop and change as your mood takes you.

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Faux suggested fewer than a dozen items for an ideal capsule wardrobe.

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Absolutely essential to round capsule wardrobe checklist below options more youthful look of texas department of? Hi resolution illustrations, yamaha carts we invest in fashion where you are you happen to enter the year round. Experience and timeless chic for them, wardrobe capsule checklist: what i will be stuck rummaging through. All the cozy warm turtlenecks, please! RL style is iconic and quality is unmatched. Have any friends who have done the same? Would I go to the store and buy this today? Hang on to them, and only buy what you need. Simple and totally revolutionary.

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